About Applied Coding Technologies LLC

At Applied Coding Technologies LLC we realize that automating your production line is not always as easy to do as it first seems. We also know that all components and processes on a production line are interrelated and must operate seamlessly to maximize production efficiencies. You know that you need to upgrade, but where do you start? Contact Applied Coding Technologies LLC, we can help make the automation process easier, because we know how your whole production line works.

Applied Coding Technologies LLC specializes in providing coding, labeling and parts marking systems to a variety of manufacturing industries. Through the years we have been asked to provide many different types of automation equipment like material handling or data collection as components of turnkey systems for our customers. Some of the integration work we have done internally, but much of the system integration work has been subcontracted out to a variety of specialty equipment manufacturers and integrators.

Through the years Applied Coding Technologies LLC has developed a Core of Strategic Partner Companies that specialize in different types of automation. The companies that we partner with all have established track records of astute concept innovation, on time delivery, equipment reliability and customer support after installation. Applied Coding Technologies LLC has long term Distributor/Supplier relationships with most of these companies, but new technologies and partners are added as project specifications dictate.

Applied coding Technologies LLC has four distinctly different, but interrelated product lines available. The common thread to all four is coding labeling and marking.

  • Coding Labeling & Marking Equipment
  • Electrical Wire Marking and Processing Equipment
  • Sheet Paper Material Handling Equipment
  • General Factory Automation Equipment

Applied Coding technologies LLC can offer you individual stand-alone products from each product line or turnkey system solutions. If you are interested and want to learn more about what we have to offer, simply fill out an Application Form for the product line that interests you. Applied Coding Technologies LLC will provide a written analysis of your application and a brief overview of a possible solution along with a budgetary proposal. Please be thorough when filling in the Application Form. More information provided up front allows us to return a more thorough analysis to you. We will source any additional automation equipment required to meet your specifications from our automation partners or from the source that you specify.

Applied Coding Technologies LLC will return the application evaluation to you in 3-4 business days or less. If you like what you see let us know and we will jointly determine a plan of action for the next step of your automation process.

Let us help you make your automation process easier and please contact us.