Electrical Wire Marking & Processing Automation

Applied Coding Technologies LLC

Applied Coding Technologies LLC has worked with several wire processing equipment manufacturers for years providing digital wire marking systems. In the process we have learned a great deal about the industry and now represent or distribute several lines of equipment used for the manufacture of electrical wire harnesses.

Applied Coding Technologies LLC offers a variety of wire processing systems and tools used for automating the electrical wire processing industry. With raw materials costs rising quickly and short customer delivery lead times now being the norm, automating to reduce scrape and manufacturing time is critical. Some of the types of equipment that we can provide are:

  • Automatic Bench Top Wire Measure Cut Strip Machines
  • Automatic Measure, Cut, Strip and Terminate Machines
  • Bench Top Wire Striping Machines
  • Bench Top Crimping Presses
  • Terminal Crimp Applicators / Mini Applicators for Most Terminal Types
  • Hand Tool Crimper Pneumatic Assist Systems
  • Various Wire Marking Systems
  • Terminal Block and Parts Marking systems
  • Mid Wire Dielectric Stripping systems
  • Shrink Tube and Convoluted Tube Measure and Cut Machine
  • Automatic Wire Taping Systems
  • Wire & Cable Spool Prefeeders
  • Barrel Cones
  • Light Activated Shrink Tube Processors

We provide a comprehensive project evaluation for all electrical wire processing applications as a standard operating procedure. There is no fee for this service and we provide a written evaluation that includes an outline of your application, a prospective equipment solution, and a budgetary price for the proposed solution. That gives you the opportunity to make sure that we understand your project correctly.

If you would like us to evaluate your requirements please click here to fill in the form and submit it to us.

We frequently have access to good quality used wire processing equipment. Good used equipment is always in demand and subject to availability. Fill out the used equipment box at the bottom of the Wire Processing Tab and we will check out inventories to try and accomtodate your requirements.