Paper Handling Systems Automation

Applied Coding Technologies LLC

Applied Coding Technologies LLC has worked with many customers who require various operations performed on paper or other flat materials as a part of their process. Many of the materials being automatically feed, accumulated or collated require Date Coding, Bar Coding, and Labeling. Some applications also require verification of the print or data collection. We offer a variety of standard paper handling systems designed specifically for use with most printing and labeling equipment systems. If your product identification application requires a custom approach we can design a system specific to your needs.

The primary paper handling equipment line that Applied Coding Technologies LLC distributes is Superior PHS Inc. Superior has developed a comprehensive line of standard paper handling systems that features extremely reliable equipment that is easy to service and maintain at a relatively low cost. Superior equipment has been designed to allow for easy interface with most digital printing and coding technologies and data collection systems.

Some of the standard paper handling products that we have available for either stand alone applications or for integration with printing or data collection are listed below:

  • Continuous Feed Friction Feeders
  • Batch Count Friction Feeders
  • Batch Count Droppers
  • Automatic Collating Systems
  • Vacuum Conveyors
  • Automatic Paper Stack Jogging Systems
  • Vacuum Mailing Bases
  • Bag Tag Feeding Systems
  • Belted Conveyors

We will provide a comprehensive project evaluation for any project that may require paper handling or manipulations. If any other processes like printing, labeling, or data collection are required, we will include them in our evaluation. There is no fee for this service and the written evaluation that we provide includes an outline of your application, a prospective equipment solution and a budgetary proposal for the proposed solution. We provide the evaluation to help assure you that we do understand all aspects of your project requirements.

If you would like us to provide an evaluation for your Paper Handling Project, please click on the Application link. Fill out the questionnaire as thoroughly as possible and then click on Submit.

We frequently have access to good quality used Friction Feeding equipment and related components. Good used equipment is always in demand and subject to availability but click here to fill out a used equipment search request. On the bottom of the form is a Used Equipment box. List the type of equipment desired there.